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The surroundings - Nature

The farm is surrounded by fields, woods and natural areas, bounded by a small creek, shelters, as well as the abandoned railway ‘the leaning track’.

Some trails have been established on the farm which lead around our own little paradise - on the Jutland heath !!! Around the buildings you move freely - here are not paths, but lawn - not fine, but GREAT.

Optionally get on a bike along the cycle path, which connects Grindsted with Silkeborg, ‘the lane’ - which is now offered as a cycle route.

You can also use ‘the crooked track’ as a walking distance or for exercise:

The old railway track is surrounded by the uncultivated railway tomb, which forms a corridor of nature on both sides. As the track initially cuts through terrain differences, you are automatically brought to the top along the way with wide views of the terrain - and at the bottom it feels like being in a cave road. Here you can gather cranberries, blackberries, rowan, apples, raspberries, mirabels - and mushrooms. Heatherness occurs occasionally. Vulture forms a beautiful bright yellow corridor during flowering time.

The farm is full of life in the forest spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Enjoy the distinctive middle Jutland nature with your family.