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Animals on the farm and lions nearby


Skovboferie BB - is an alternative holiday for children and adults in line with nature. We have plenty of space around the yard with woods and meadows to munch on, as well as a few horses, deer, cats and chickens. We do not have ordinary agriculture, but live in the middle of our 20 th country.

Deer, horses and chickens go fencing while cats move everywhere. Feeding with self-picked grass and possibly Carrots can happen at the fence.

We feed the deer with bread every night, and here we would like some help.

Our New Forrest ponies are for breeding and not for riding.

Open your eyes and see:
• Deer, hares, pheasants and squirrels roam freely around the area.
• Mousepads, bats, pigeons, swallows and forest damage as well as many small birds fly in the air.
• Frogs, snails and hedgehogs crawl around the earth, and you will certainly find much else.

It is full of life spring, summer, fall and winter. Here you can enjoy the silence and the distinctive middle Jutland nature. And then you can take your dog or horse on vacation.