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The newest apartment for 4-5 people

Apartment 4:

There is plenty of light and air, as well as a fine view.

The apartment consists of kitchen-living room with dining and sitting area, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Bedrooms is with 2 beds of 80 cm, which can be pushed around. There is room for an extra bed in one of the bedrooms, and a babybed in the second.

The apartment is on first floor. The entrance is outside with repo with seating place and a small table. Good steel staircase down to the garden, which is also is the way to get in.

Path through the garden to the yard and parking.


Apartment 1

82m2 for 6 personer

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Apartment 2

40m2 for 3 personer

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Apartment 3

50m2 for 6 personer

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Apartment 4

60m2 for 6 personer

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